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We believe seeds are the foundation for life and health –  this is Seed Nutrition.

How Long Has Rain International Been Around?

We’ve been providing groundbreaking research and revolutionary nutritional supplement products to millions since 2011.

What Is Rain International’s Mission?

Our mission is simple:  to help people all over the world achieve health and wealth. We accomplish this by developing innovative products based on Seed Nutrition and supporting our Rain Partners with education and training.

Is Rain International a Partner to a Larger, Parent Company?

Simply put, no. We’re a fully independent international entity with the freedom and ability to distribute our Seed Nutritive infused products across the globe! Thanks to recent acquisitions and continued impressive growth, our unique products are available to areas including North America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

How Can I Learn More About Rain International?

Visit our corporate website at rainintl.com to learn more about us including how you can enhance both your health and prosperity. Our leadership team is currently or have been distributors themselves. This is important to us as we take pride in being a company made by distributors, for distributors.

Why Use Seeds?

We believe seeds are the foundation for life and health –  this is Seed Nutrition.

We’ve developed a unique cold-press process that extracts the most potent nutritional qualities from seeds. We then apply them as the foundation for all our products.