It’s a simple concept, and you’re going to love it.

We’ve taken the natural goodness of Mother Nature and infused a seed’s nutrient rich properties into unique products formulated to provide maximum health and healing.

This is Seed Nutrition!

Unlocking Nature

The secret of our products isn’t just the seeds, but also how we unlock the potent and nutritional compounds found within each one. We use a unique cold-press process to carefully extract and preserve each seed's life-giving and healing nutrients.

The Whole Seed

Our cold-press process separates essential oils found within the seed from its shell. These two compounds are then reintroduced into our products. This way the entire seed is used, resulting in the most powerful, health-infused supplement available from nature.

The Story of Seeds

Modern science is now realizing what a nutritional powerhouse this seed is, with its complex host of antioxidants and health promoting organic compounds.