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The Best Nutrition that Nature has to Offer

Each seed contains the power to save the world. The science of essential seed nutrition has been studied for centuries, the benefits in seeds is without question. Seeds are the most important practical transportable food option for areas with long term needs.

The Original

Pure Wellness

Soul combines the incredible healing and energy-providing nutrients found within the black cumin seed, black raspberry seed, chardonnay grape seed, and D-ribose, into one fantastically delicious 2-ounce packet.

All your Greens in a 1oz shot

Greens Made Easy

One ounce gives you 8 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies. how? we’ve combined super foods with super seeds and created a super healthy supplement. it’s everything you don’t get, but need. finally, you can live green easily.


Unlocking Nature with Pure Elemental Nutrition.

From tiny things, great things materialize. The smallest seed, when taken care of can mature into life giving sources. Filled with nature’s concentrated goodness - seeds contain the most naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in plants, perfected for the body.

Seed Nutrition Articles

- Knowledge Straight from Nature-

The Best way to BOOST your Immune System

Personal concerns about the immune system are at an all-time high, especially with the state of the world we’re living in right now. Let's explore the various ways to boost your immune system.

What nutrients you don't get enough of

Doctors site that many of our health problems arise because of poor diet. What can we do?

Daily Body Protection

The world is a scary place to live. Just ask your body. How can you help?

Losing Weight - The easier road

The truth is, losing weight is not an easy endeavor. And, it’s made even more difficult when faced with all sorts of competing opinions.

Have you heard of Spirulina?

This little algae may be small, but it packs an enormous punch.

What's the deal with Carbs?

The carbohydrate debate seems to be growing more heated and more polarized by the day. You’ve probably heard opinions and studies, but what's the real story?

soul RED - What's inside?

SOUL utilizes the Black Cumin Seed, while SOUL Red uses its oil. The difference is slight, but it is important.

What are BCAA's?

Perhaps you’ve heard this term thrown around before. But what exactly are BCAA's?

What is Seed Based Nutrition?

We’re here to set the record straight, and tell you exactly what seed-based nutrition is and why it’s so powerful!

Your Joints will Thank you

Why Nature is Better

We have designed a powerful, seed-based product that supports healthy joints and cartilage. Our approach to supporting your joints and cartilage is different: we allow nature to work with your body in concentrated ways. By handpicking ingredients that have been backed by science and time, and combining them in revolutionary ways, we have redefined flexibility with our creation: BEND.

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I began taking SOUL in May 2017. Within days I could tell my energy level had increased and some of the shoulder, elbow, other joint pain that I had for 15 years had almost completely gone away. The longer I take SOUL, the better I feel.
Tom A.-
Rain Customer
SOUL Red... helps my brain function! I also like to drink it before I get out of bed to help me wake up. It works great.
Joan N. -
Rain Customer
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